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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 2
Maximum People: 10
Location: Falmouth

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Tour Description


Price:  (Day/Night Tours): $50 adults
(ages 3 – 12 years) $40 per child
Children 0-2 Free

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Days Available: Day Tours & Night Tours Daily 
  • Pick up time from hotel: To be advised based on hotel
  • Times Available: Day Tours Daily 9:15am – 5:15pm
  • Night Tour Daily 6:30pm – 9:15pm
  • Dress Code: N/A
  • Items not included/ Additional Costs: Gift Shop Items, Photographs

Detailed Description of Excursion:
The greatest of Jamaican great houses, the Rose Hall Great House has a story with all the elements of an engaging novel. Built in 1770 by John Palmer and his wife, it eventually became the residence of their grandnephew, John Rose Palmer. In 1820, Palmer married Annie, a beautiful but feisty English girl. Little did John know that his young wife possessed “black magic” powers that would eventually lead to his demise. During her reign as mistress of the plantation, Annie did away with two more husbands and countless lovers.

A candle-lit evening tour of the Rose Hall Great House is a must for visitors to Montego Bay. Your guided exploration of the former home of Jamaica’s White Witch, Annie Palmer, includes captivating and chilling stories of love, murder and mystery skillfully told by knowledgeable guides. You’re sure to feel goose bumps as these eerie tales come to life in this grand estate, where ghost sightings have been reported over the years. Tours also give historic insight into this grandest of Jamaican great houses, now beautifully restored with 18th-century decor and antiques. To conclude this fascinating adventure, you can visit the dungeon, now transformed into a tavern called Annie’s Pub. Many visitors find that the famous rum cocktail, known as “Witches Brew” helps banish the spirits of ghosts or black magic they sense still lingering in the mansion.

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