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Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum People: 10
Location: Falmouth

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Tour Description

Black River Safari and YS Falls

Price: USD $115.00 p.p. (seat in coach)
Children (0 – 2 Years): Free
Children (3-12 Years):
Deduct 20% of all tours

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Days Available:  Wednesday & Saturday
  • Times Available: From local Resort Office
  • Dress Code: Shorts
  • What to Bring: Camera
  • Meals/Snacks Included: Yes- Lunch Included
  • Beverages Included: Fruit Punch or Soda 
  • Items not included/ Additional Costs: Souvenirs and gratuity

Detailed Description of Excursion:

The Black River Safari and YS Falls is considered by our specialists and customers as an amazing experience. YS Falls is one of Jamaica’s natural attractions.  Board the tractor and jitney for the 10 minute journey to the waterfalls compound. These beautiful jungle falls are made of seven tiered cascades, that form a wading pool. Cool off with a dip, or just soak up the scenery. A sumptuous Jamaican Lunch is served here.

The Black River is the Jamaica’s longest navigable river, on the South Coast of the island. Climb aboard a pontoon boat and your guide will sail you downriver, through forested mountains, explaining the local ecology and wildlife along the way. This enjoyable trip amongst the wildlife is not only awesome for the valuable knowledge and information about Jamaican endemic flora and fauna you acquire when doing this trip, but also for the lifetime experience of watching the American crocodiles (Crocodrilus Acutus) and exotic birds in a natural environment. Keep your camera handy as you glide past huge mangroves and beady-eyed crocodiles peeping from the water. Guides throw food to crocodiles from the boat, for you to take great photos of the large aquatic reptiles.

At the end of your unforgettable Black River Safari and YS Falls tour, you will board your vehicle for a relaxing panoramic drive back to your hotel.


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