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Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum People: 10

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Tour Description


Price: USD $110.00 p.p. (seat in coach)
Children (0-2 Year): Free
Children (3-12 Year):
Deduct 20% of all tours

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Days Available: Wednesday & Saturday
  • Times Available: From local Resort Office
  • Dress Code: Shorts
  • What to Bring: Camera
  • Meals/Snacks Included: Lunch at a authentic Jerk Restaurant
  • Meal/Snacks Description: (Jerk Chicken, Pork served with Festival or Bammy (Cassava bread)
  • Beverages Included: Soft Drinks / Soda / Water
  • Beverages Description: Local soft drinks, Coco cola, Pepsi
  • Items not included/ Additional Costs: Souvenirs on sale

Detailed Description of Excursion:
Drive along the Coast before turning through the mountains to Nine Miles, a quaint village in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann. It was here, on the 6th of February the legendary ‘King of Reggae’ was born and it is the very same place where he was laid to rest. A tour of Nine Miles is a family affair as many of Bob’s close relatives live there. The tour takes you through the house Bob lived as a young boy and your guide will share insights into Bob Marley’s childhood and musical career.

Then travel through the hills of our lush Garden Parish (St. Ann) where you will make a stop at one of Jamaica’s Revival Churches to experience another of our rich heritage and culture. You will be captivated by what you see and hear or maybe just interested to know what the future holds. We then motor down through St. Ann’s Bay by passing the birth place of National Heroes Marcus Garvey before stopping at an authentic Jerk Restaurant for a meal before returning to your hotel.


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