Dunn’s River Falls Tips

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls Tips

Dunn’s River Falls -Things to Know before you go on the Tour

Dunn's River FallsBefore going to Dunn’s River Falls, there are a few things you should know to have a memorable experience.

For making your visit  an extremely positive, fun, stimulating, refreshing and challenging excursion (as it pretends to be, and as it is fortunately for 97% of visitors who stepped in the spot) here you have a list of most useful tips to take into account.

10 Most Useful Tips for visiting Dunn’s River Falls

  • Go very early  avoiding at all costs weekends and days of cruise ship excursions arrivals. According to statistical information on the Dunn’s River Falls official website, the least crowded day is usually Friday. Dunn’s River Falls & Park opens at 8:30 AM. This recommendation is especially for those who do not feel comfortable surrounded by hundreds of people trying to do the same.
  • Buy / rent and (of course) use some water shoes to do the climbing. The rocks can be very slippery, so if you want to prevent an accident (fall, scratch or cut with the edge of the rocks at best) be careful and do this. There are shoes available in the park and they will cost you between $7 and $17 US.
  • Wears swimsuit (preferably one piece, for women) or comfortable sports clothes for climbing.
  • Take a towel and a change of clothes to change after completing the climb, taking into account that you will be completely wet and back in bus with air conditioning you can freeze. Your belongings can be stored in a locker which rent is approximately $10 US or you can leave them on our Caribbean World Vacation buses.
  • Prevent your cell phone to get wet with a waterproof case (cases can be purchase in the park) or carry a submersible camera. Take the opportunity to use it only when the guide stops to take pictures and videos. Do not forget this because you will feel sad if you cannot take pictures.
  • Be very careful if you are an older person, with little physical skill or overweight. Although everyone can do the climb, it is still risky and of medium difficulty for some people.
  • If you are very cold, be psychologically prepared for that the water in the falls is very cold.
  • Take some cash for the ride in a Ziploc bag or in a container that does not get water, since when leaving the tour, there are numerous craft shops where you can purchase beautiful souvenirs. There is also a cafeteria / restaurant or you can prepare your own picnic in barbecues around Dunn’s River Falls & Park.
  • Scale the waterfalls guided by an experienced guide through a human chain, although this is totally optional. One thing to keep in mind is that climbing Dunn’s River Falls takes between forty five minutes to one hour to complete.
  • There are exit points all along the way up, just in case you get tired and want to get out. If you prefer not to go up, you can just watch from the viewpoints of the deck or wooden terrace, from where you can also see beautiful panoramic views and take advantage to admire the exuberant tropical vegetation of the place: ferns, bamboos, ginger lilies, croutons, orchids, palm trees and breadfruit. Or you can just relax with the youngest of the family on the beach where the waterfall flows.

Some visitors feel that the staff’s attention is not good. Well, this is a very subjective approach. I only recommend that you do not let this interfere with the full enjoyment of nature and the charm of this place.

Everyone knows that traveling to Jamaica implies a mandatory Dunn’s River Falls Tour. Don’t miss your opportunity!